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Ayyyy lmao I like big dumb robots and trolls get on my level
okay so now it's time for some spooky spooks everyone
first story

My step mom, Tabatha, has always had visions. One night she dreamed that it was raining and my step brother ( her son ) Walker had called, which we hadn't heard from him for two months. 2 weeks later it's POURING and she get's a phone call. It's my brother. My dad has strange qualities about him as well. And my grandpa. They both ( and I swear on my fucking art talents ) float in their sleep time to time. Not like Ghostbusters shit where it's five feet in the air, just a few inches or so. Just enough so that either my grandma or Tab notice. My grandma has gotten so used to it she lightly taps my grandpa when he starts to do it, wakes him up slightly so he stops and then goes back to bed. So it doesn't surprise me that my little ( half ) sister, Sativa Bay, has something different about her too. One night she woke up and told my step mom and dad that she died. Now most parents would brush this off as a crazy dream, but my dad knows about these things. My dad has experienced these things, same with my step mom. My sister told them that she was riding a tricycle in the street, only she wasn't herself. She was a little girl with really long blonde hair and a white dress. She was crossing the street on her tricycle when a van hit her. She blacked out then a strange man in a white lab coat took her away. Tab once had a dream about a little girl on a tricycle getting hit by a car. It seemed like the same little girl my sister dreamed about. My step mother fears that this will be either Bay or my other little sister, Aya, one day. She had this dream a long time ago and at the time also feared it was me. My sisters and I do look very alike. We all ( naturally ) have blonde hair. At one point my hair was also very long. On other occasions Bay would be riding in the car with Tab and point to signs depicting different places like Egypt or India and exclaim " I've been there! " Tab would laugh and say " silly, no you haven't " then Bay would say " Yes I have!" and tell her facts and stories about her adventures there. She also saw ghosts in their old apartment when she was younger..

Now it's my turn. I've always had really bad daja vu. I've even began to wonder if it's even daja vu. At some point I'll think of something random. Like, for example, two months ago I had the vision of me wearing my CBGBs shirt with white and blue skinny jeans plus really pink lipstick. This was just a random thought in the middle of class and i thought maybe that would make a cute outfit for an OC. About a month ago I looked in the mirror at school to make sure I looked okay ( hair wasn't a mess, makeup wasn't smudged, ect ) and I got a mental flash of sitting in class, thinking about that outfit. I realised I was wearing the same CBGB's shirt, pants and Lipstick as I was thinking of. This has happened several times in my life. Mainly with objects or settings; like one day I'll see my room a certain way then a month later it looks like that. Those things. It always gives me a moment of awe when it happens too. Like " IT FUCKING HAPPENED AGAIN ". I really haven't been noticing them that much until now, though. I remember it happening as a kid, but never payed attention or talked about it. 

Now then up until the age of 5 and my parents were still together we lived in this green house on a hill. It overlooked the Columbia river, but the river could be best seen from the back of the house ( kitchen, back living room and the first upstairs bedroom ). When I was still really young and staying in the second downstairs bedroom, my parents still slept upstairs. One night my mom had to go to the bathroom, which was downstairs, and only turned on one light; the stairway light. She goes to the bathroom, checks on me and heads back upstairs. There WAS only one light on when she went to the bathroom, but when she went back upstairs the very back light in the closet of the first bedroom was turned on. No one stayed in there. She turned off the stairway light and went straight back to her room afterwards, not wanting to even think about the room. Now this one happened when my mom was pregnant with me. My mom and dad had just met who is now my uncle tommy. Uncle tommy at the time had his entire life in a backpack; wallet, I.D, money, pictures, everything. One night he stayed the night at our house, but the next morning he couldn't find his backpack. Anywhere. My mom and dad searched for days. The basement, my ( future) bedroom, the upstairs bedrooms, everything. Couldn't find it. 6 months later Uncle tommy got everything replaced and all by then but my mom came home from work one day, went upstairs their bedroom and found uncle tommy's backpack just sitting there in the middle of her bed. She still doesn't know how it got there. Skip forward a few years I'm probably 3 or so. I've been moved up into the first bedroom ( so im closer to my parents ). One morning I wake up and look towards my window sill. There's an almost solid black figure sitting there, looking at me. Considering I was 3 I thought I best idea would be to duck under the covers. When I looked up again it was walking towards me. Under the covers again. Look one more time, it's gone. 

That's all I have for now. Hope you all enjoyed the stories???
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